Whoreible vol​.​1

by Meat Shits

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Compilation CD of 7" from the 90's contains tracks from:
Homosexual Slaughter (7" 1994)
Take This And Eat It (7" 1994)
Mindfuck Delirium (7" 1994)
Another Day Of Death (Split 7" with Necrophiliacs, 1994)
Tomb Of The Guardian Angel (Split 7" with CSSO, 1995)
Sewer In My Mind! (Split 7" with Dead, 1995)
Sexual Abuse (7" 1994)
Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. 1 (2x7" Compilation, 1993)

Was first press on CD in 2009 from Sevared Records, long time OOP.


released June 20, 2019



Meat 5000 Records Ottawa, Ontario

UNDERGROUND DIY record label focused on goregrind, grindcore & brutal death metal. Located in FRANCE and active since 2001.

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